Learn to build face-to-face customer service and create excellent PR and customer loyalty.

“The comments we received after the events were all extremely positive. She had a great sense of humor and delivered her messages in a heartfelt and sincere manner. Her life lessons and delivery were enjoyed by all in attendance based on their evaluations. The bank received lots of thanks for hosting such fun events.”  Michael J. Finley – President, Janesville State Bank

Did you know?
• Women control approximately 60% of all personal wealth in the U.S.
• Women own 70 % of the start-up companies established in the last few years.
• Women control 80% of all household purchases and make the decision on household bank accounts 89% of the time.

Learn to build face-to-face customer service, create excellent personal relations and customer loyalty. This is a day with Pat including several events: The Bank Club, Women Entrepreneurs “Five and Dine Lunch”, and a Women’s Night Out.

How well are you connecting with the women and the ‘Seasoned Customers’ of your bank, when folks are using drive-ups and the Internet for their banking, where did the face-to-face relationships go? It’s still about relationships.

The Bank Club: 9 am – 10 am
“What do a custard, glazed donut, carrot, egg, coffee bean and a pig have in common?”
This is the title of a fun, educational, interactive presentation written for the members of your bank club. They are not senior citizens; they are “Seasoned Customers.” The early morning breakfast, with glazed donuts and coffee that comes with laughter and connecting with others.

Five and Dine Lunch – 11:30 am -1:30 pm
This event is for your women customers who are in business, want to start a business, have a home business, and women who are interested in the role of women in economic development of the community. A woman caterer in the community, also a customer of the bank, serves the lunch. The women are served; not buffet style. Five and Dine teaches in the points of fives and offers proven wisdom to help renew enthusiasm for their own business interests.

Women’s Night Out: Purseology- 6:30 pm -8:30 pm
What Your Purse says about you without talking! The Power of a Woman’s Purse

This is an event especially for the bank’s women customers who then can invite a friend. This program (which includes participation and lots of laughs) is a fun and educational reflection on the role a purse plays in the life of a woman.

“We asked Pat to spend time with our entire staff and “Raise the Bar.  Her message to “believe in yourself and your talents” along with “serving customers with respect and care” inspired our staff that resulted in a nice increase in new business for the bank.”  Greg R. Raymo- President, First State Bank Southwest