My favorite comfort food is Mac and Cheese.
I love to make it on a day like today.
I soon will be boiling the macaroni and adding four different kinds of cheese.

Enjoying all the carbs, the calories and my spike in blood sugar.
I do not do this a lot except for a few Macaroni Monday’s.

I read a former column of mine this morning, that I will include in my 2 edition of my book,
“Inspiration to Go.”

The column is titled 10 Cents Worth of MAC & CHEESE.
Part of it I share with you today, on Macaroni Monday.

It is a column filled with encouragement, motivation and what really does matter.

Your 10 Cents worth on a Macaroni Monday:
1. Recognize your feelings and actions at your work settings.
2. Identify the value of each human being that touches your daily life.
3. Understand that your security is internal not external.
4. Discover the traits of successful people who live with a high level of trust.
5. Learn to leave the FOG (Fear, Obligation and Guilt) and move into the LIGHT (Living In God’s Hope Today).
6. Know that true happiness is found in the inside not bought on the outside.
7. Knowing that ugliness is trying to be something or somebody else.
8. To learn to live in the winds of change.
9. Life is change, change is constant, growth is gradual (yet optional) the journey is the joy.
10. We have three choices in life, to run, to be a spectator, or to commit.

Successful people are just ordinary folks who have developed belief in themselves and what they do…
Never sell yourself short.

So enjoy some mac and cheese on a Monday!


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