02 Feb 2014
February 2, 2014

Age only matters if you’re Cheese!

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You are never too old to:
write a book,
paint a picture,
climb a hill or even a mountain,
swim a lap or maybe a few,
sing your favorite song out-loud.

“Age only matters if you are Cheese!”

We do not retire from life until we no longer breathe.

Many folks found success in their later years.

So celebrate your creativity today, no matter your age or stage in life,
do it for you and no one else.

1. BREATHE Your passion.
2. LET GO of old wounds.
3. MAKE FRIENDS with your intuition.
4. OWN your reality.
5. IGNORE Negative People.
6. Take ACTION….I Act on.
7. CONTROL what you can, YOU.
8. Don’t nibble on a turd.
9. Doing it ALL isn’t EVERTHING.
10.CHOOSE YOU, Faking is fatiguing.

So celebrate the age in your heart and mind, not the one on the calendar.

“Age only matters if you’re Cheese!”


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