Pat’s “can do spirit” is infectious and can impact your organization.  “Pat’s programs produce positive outcomes…”

Pat McGill is a dynamic communicator who can empower your organization for positive and practical change. Pat applies her wide range of expertise to every speaking, training, or teaching assignment. Pat has crossed the county teaching, training and entertaining her audiences and receiving rave reviews. One popular approach of Pat’s grows out of three simple questions: Who am I? Who are You? Who are we together? In addressing these questions, or some other particular topic or need, Pat can custom design a compelling keynote or seminar to meet your organizations unique goals. She prides herself in diversity and enthusiastically serves a variety of business, institutions and industries. Before Pat plans any workshop, speech of seminar, she listens to you. Pat does not use power point, teaches in the ‘power of five’s and is famous for her one page hand-out, is a Psycho-Geometric Trainer, an adjunct professor Human Relations and Education classes. Pat holds a Master Degree in Education from St. Mary’s University, is a National Speakers Association member, and a Blandin Community Leadership graduate. Pat combines her wit and humor to captivate participants and listener’s.

What Clients Are Saying About Pat


  • Sanford Jackson Medical Center was thrilled to have Pat provide training to our staff in relation to our culture centered around the patient experience. As we developed our agenda you couldn’t help but feel her energy! She provided sessions with our community hospital board and executive leadership, mini retreats for our staff and follow up presentations for all staff. Pat is humorous, inspiring and uplifting. Staff really enjoyed her “no nonsense” approach to team work and being the best you can be. Her presentations weaved together Servant Leadership, Reality Based Leadership, Purpose, Passion, Personality – Team building and knowing thy self. She did a fantastic job and staff continue to reflect on “…when Pat was here…” and our purpose: Living and working on PURPOSE in a place I belong with the people I love, admire and respect working with my STRENGTHS.

    Jennifer Tewes Site Manager/Marketing Specialist SANFORD Jackson/Lakefield MN
  • "Pat McGill came to Grand Falls to present our 500+ employees with guest service training.  What she brought us was a new guest service culture.  Pat took time to know our business, our guests, and our employees.  She then took this information and developed a training that was fun, informational, and thought provoking.  Our employees dread going to boring lectures but with Pat they found a fun, interactive, life changing experience that they are still talking about 2 months later! If you are looking for something to shake up your currents methods of training, check out Pat McGill!"

    Keri J. Hubers, PHR, SHRM-CP; Director of Human Resources, Grand Falls Casino & Golf Resort
  • We have had the pleasure of Pat McGill speaking to our group 3 times over the past 8 years. After each presentation our employees beg for more! For our group she brings home a message on how to treat people, how what you say/do can be perceived by others and what your responsibility is to those you lead, to your company and those you serve. She does this through storytelling, some hilarious jokes and her “top 10” list. Her energy and passion is contagious and each time we have had her speak to our team the positive energy radiates through our company for weeks following her presentation. I have highly recommended Pat McGill to several organizations!

    Christie Ernst LLOYD Companies
  • "Pat is a very motivating and inspiring and will definitely engage your staff and leaders. She has a unique approach to energizing any audience."

    Marla Dziedzic Director of Staff Development, AVERA Health Human Resources
  • Pat McGill is a must-have motivational speaker for any organization. She uses her humor and energy to inspire…and she makes learning FUN! Her real life examples are relatable and can be used in both personal and professional settings.

    Marshall Minnesota Area Chamber of Commerce
  • Pat, I wanted to extend a sincere thank you! What a wonderful retreat we had on Monday! Your enthusiasm, energy, and overall high on life was very well received and you exceeded our expectations! I have heard nothing but positive comments from everyone. One employee even said this was the best retreat/conference he’d ever attended! Kudo’s to you for everything –you truly do make a difference in people’s lives!

    Jessica Williams Vice President, Human Resources Manager Community Resource Bank.
  • With humor and intelligence, Pat does a fantastic job of connecting with employees and prompting them to look at situations with new eyes. She helps them see that they can and do make a huge difference in our daily life as an organization. I highly recommend her!

    George J. Vondracek Principal
  • We truly appreciated the way Pat opened herself up to us and made us feel like we had known her forever.

    Michael Mortland Training Assistant- Kids Inc. Afterschool Program
  • I would recommend Pat to anybody looking for a speaker. She was entertaining, humorous, thoughtful, positive, and had a great message that she delivered in quick hitting presentation. Not a dull moment for anybody.

    Michael J. Finley President, Janesville State Bank
  • Pat is engaging, energetic and inspirational. I would highly recommend Pat to anybody looking for someone to work with a group.

    Steve Goodenow Bank Midwest
  • Our school district had the pleasure of inviting Ms. Pat McGill to our staff in-service training this year and we found her absolutely motivating. Pat took charge of our in-service training with an entertaining and engaging program. Her program centered around her experiences in education and our staff related well to her delivery and humor. Many staff commented on how they enjoyed the discussion and that it started our day off right to have stories and laughter. I would recommend Pat for any organization looking to have a light hearted conversation about life who is looking to give their staff a pep talk. She relates well with her audience and she obviously enjoys talking with groups of people. Your group will walk away with some good conversation pieces and a smile after listening to Pat share her story! Best Wishes!

    Vermillion School District Superintendent
  • “Pat was a featured speaker at our 25th Annual Family Business Conference presented by Prairie Family Business Association.  Attendees appreciated her thought provoking and humorous style.  Attendee comments included, “Loved Pat McGill, invite her back!” and “Bring Pat McGill back and give her more time.” “Best breakout session I have ever been to” “Pat is a pleasure to work with and enhanced our 25th annual conference.”

    Stephanie Larscheid Executive Director



Age Only Matters If You’re Cheese” is written and presented by Pat
to what she calls her ‘seasoned audiences’ of volunteers in organizations.
Do not use the term ‘senior’ around Pat…who is a baby boomer who calls herself and her boomer friends ‘seasoned.’ Pat shares her 45 or 90 minute keynote or break-out session about what a carrot, egg, coffee bean, glazed donut and a pig’ have in common. You have to hear it to believe it. This is a great program for bank clubs, conferences on ageing and healthcare volunteers. Pat believes that “age wrinkles the skin, however; the loss of enthusiasm wrinkles the soul.” This program is high in content, and presented in a humorous motivational style with the grace of a ‘seasoned 71 year young presenter.’ Amen.


Pat works with customer service training and customer appreciation events for banks. Pat energizes bank employees and the bank’s customers of all ages and stages in their banking journey. Pat presents for Bank Clubs and the bank’s “Seasoned Customers.” Pat does not call the Bank Club “Senior’s” they are “Seasoned.” The morning program for “Seasoned Customer’s” is “What Do an Egg, Carrot, Coffee Bean, a Glazed Donut and a Pig Have in Common?” The bank serves their customer’s “Tea, Coffee, a Glazed Donut and Me. A FUN 45 minute interactive customer appreciation event is created and the folks love it.  At high noon, the bank invites their women in business customers for a noon lunch entitled “FIVE to THRIVE in BUSINESS”  The noon venue is a working lunch served by the bank for their customer appreciation  for their women customers who are in business, doing business and leaders in the community.

A Women’s Night out is celebrated from 6:30 to 8 p.m. with various desserts
for women customers of the bank, who can ask a friend along as a guest,
(potential customer)

Pat presents her famous “Purse-Ology.” The Power of a Woman’s Purse.
Pat works with the bank’s committee to present this ‘one of a kind event.’
Pat’s day with the bank, will be a win win-for the bank, the women and the community.

Customer Service/Appreciation

“How to be Grey Poupon in the Land of Mustard.”

Customers want to feel comfortable and cared for. As air is to humans our customers are our guests.” Pat McGill. I have presented customer service programs to over 600 employees to 15.  I teach from the power of fives, and the outcomes of the clients.  Words I write around for the presentation:
CARE- Comfort, Awareness-Respect and Energized.
CALLS- Connect, Authentic, Looking, Listening and Support
STYLE- What is your Geometric Pattern? What is Your STYLE?

Everyone claims to have good customer service, many organizations and companies rarely do.  I work for “FANTASTIC Customer Service,” and the first lesson for every organization is to treat their employees as their number one customer.  Keep an ACE up Your Sleeve- …Your Attitude, Communication and ENERGY. Life is not about time it is about ENERGY.

Grey Poupon in the Land of Mustard
Rule number one… Do the right thing for the right reason.  Rule number two… Be more interested than interesting.  Rule number three… Dig for the Gold, it’s there you need to find it. (Reverse the Golden Rule)

One negative employee can turn away 16 customers. It is more economical to KEEP a customer than find a new one. “Do onto others as they want done unto them.”
A wronged customer can be brought back about 90% of the time…work on that
It costs 5X as much to attract a new customer as it does to keep the existing one.

In your relationship with yourself be resilient, optimistic, buoyant, self-controlled grateful, flexible, effective and innovative, and you will lead the way in “Fantastic Customer Service….”


Who Am I? Who Are You? Who Are We Together?

Pat shares her 50 years of experiences as an educator from teaching at an Indian School for girls at the age of 19 to a K-12 Building and then a middle school, and on to become an adjunct professor of education, teaching teachers and now lives her life as a speaker, trainer and facilitator. Pat’s keynote for educators is filled with laughter, tears, joy and knowing how much a teacher and support staff make all the difference in the World in the life of a student.  Pat shares her stories of success, failure, sadness and hope.  Pat believes as an educator we need to be resilient, optimistic, self controlled, grateful, flexible, continually effective and innovative.  As educators at all levels of education we need to know that what we do is not a job, nor a career, it is living our calling.  Pat’s process in her own calling is to Think it. Ink it. Own it. Live it & Share it!  As an educator Pat has lived the Five R’ s:  Real, Respectful, Ready, Reachable & Remarkable!


“The Hand of Healthcare is a Living Poem” is appropriate for all healthcare facilities that value their employees. The program can be a half day seminar- or a 90 minute keynote. The program is very adaptable for facilities with varying schedules. Two presentations can be presented in one day. Pat uses the hand as a metaphor for teaching the 5 kinds of smart on the hand and 3 on the palm. Pat teaches how the hand is a ‘heart transplant’ and how the hand leaves an imprint on all we care for and about. Pat shares how the ‘Five Agreements’ can change your life the minute you learn them. Pat’s ‘Five Statements of Joy’ make living your life even better. There is nothing in a book about Pat’s 5 B Flu that can infect the positivity of the team. Participants will learn their personality style and how to flex for a successful team.  Audiences will celebrate the joy of collaboration leaving their drama to their mama, and asking what more they can do to become a better version of themselves. The program ends with a cheer for all to hear. “If it’s going to be, it’s up to me. I am. I can. I will.

IN the Company of Women in Business & Leadership

I am Joan B. Sacrison, the Executive Director of Deuel Area Development of South Dakota, I attend many conferences, seminars and breakout sessions. I learn a lot of information to bring home for further development of our area.

Pat McGill’s Program, IN the Company of Women in Business & Leadership
was so totally different then what I’ve seen available that I have chosen to share
the following:

Pat’s style and presentation is totally different from what I have been experiencing. Her uniqueness, her enthusiasm, and zest is contagious. She comes from an angle that is ‘uniquely hers talking about uniquely you.’ as that business owner and leader. It’s a viewpoint of caring for yourself before you can care for your business or customer. It’ a viewpoint of knowing yourself and loving yourself, and your personal uniqueness and style that helps you lead, manage or deal with others. What comes across boldly as well, is her years of experience and how it is integrated in her seminar. She has KNOWN and has LIVED a multitude of experiences and her passion to promote, teach and help others just spills out of her. It was refreshing to be a part of a totally different type of seminar, a very personal one where you feel astonished that a one-on-one is taking place in a room filled with women.”


“What Makes Your Soul Shine?”

This program was first a column on the spiritual page of a business magazine. Pat them wrote the 90 minute keynote for a Women’s Christian Conference. God has chosen us first. This is the simple and profound truth which must be the foundation of all our efforts to give us the power to carry out God’s will in our regard. We are not alone. We seek a life of greater holiness, or greater service, in the Christian Community, which is the Body of Christ. Two of the most powerful words in the 21st century are humility and empathy. We are one in the spirit with many gifts. Living and working with these gifts we come to know our calling. True humility is knowing these gifts are from God. Knowing that humility is not “thinking less of ourselves” it is “thinking of ourselves less.” “Age wrinkles the skin, however; the loss of enthusiasm wrinkles the soul.” “Touch somebody’s heart with your heart, Touch somebody’s life with yours.”

Women's Night Out

The Power of a Woman’s Purse- By Pat McGill has received rave reviews. “Purse-ology” is part of the program that entertains as Pat describes the personality of the woman carrying the purse.

Pat never opens a purse, she just looks at the purse and then shares traits and characteristics of the owner. The program is a fun, entertaining, energized evening for women of all ages and stages in life. Pat shares the power of a women’s purse by sharing statistics of how women buy 87% of all major purchases. Women plan and purchase 90% of all healthcare and travel. 93% of a woman’s communication is non-verbal and 38% is a women’s tone of voice.  Pat will share the power of OH, and the Five L’s of a Handshake. Women will then be introduced to their CALLS….How they Connect, Be Audacious, Loving & Laughing with Style. Women register for a purse giveaway at the end of the evening.Pat has a party plan for the event for her famous Women’s Night Out.

What Pat’s Audience’s Are Saying…


  • “I loved Pat!!! She is a wonderfully unique woman who is the perfect mix of humor, Knowledge, compassion and a genuine interest in helping other women.”

  • Awesome seminar that can be useful to women in any business or leadership position.

  • Pat’s seminar gave me the boost I needed at this time, and gave me more confidence in being me. Pat thank you for everything

  • Pat your energy and enthusiasm is amazing! All the information was worth my day - I am excited to try and work with much of what you taught me today. Your acronyms and metaphors were fabulous.

  • Pat, Thank You! I’m blessed to have been in your presence today!

  • Pat, I am so happy I took the time today to be here. I feel very inspired!

  • I so enjoyed your enthusiasm, you really enjoy what you do; inspiring other women.

  • Pat, your humor, relevant content and materials were such a treat.

  • Thank you for sharing your wisdom with us and teaching us more about ourselves. I feel empowered after attending..

  • The seminar was so relevant to thinking about my purpose in my business.

  • Pat when can you come back?

  • Pat provided an uplifting program at the end of our AG Women’s Day. She was a super finish for our event. There was lots of laughter and she was well received by the entire group!

    Ag Women's Day Committee
  • Did not want the session to end.

  • Did not want the session to end.

  • Pat is real.

  • Amazing, just amazing.

  • Great Speaker.

  • Attention grabbing.

  • Very inspirational and interesting, with high content.

  • Fantastic!

  • The best speaker I have heard since coming to this conference, Thank You Pat.

  • Could listen to Pat all day.

  • Bring her back!

  • Fun... Pat Rocks.

  • Great presentation, loved her.

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Pat McGill

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Event Planners

Introduction For Pat McGill

A former middle-school teacher and adjunct professor of human relations, Pat holds a master’s degree in education from St. Mary’s University in Minnesota. She’s convinced, however, that her talents are rooted in her Midwestern upbringing, Irish heritage – and an early adventure in pageantry:

Before being named Miss Congeniality in the Miss South Dakota pageant, I tripped upon entering the judging room, then fell down! But I got up and asked if they wanted to see more. They did, and I’ve been tripping up ever since – learning lessons and passing them on to those who’ll listen.

As a member of the National Speakers Association, Pat presents professional development keynotes and workshops on such topics as change, leadership, and relationship building. Her “Pat-tested, Boomer-approved” material is at once entertaining and informative, and helps her to engage those of varying backgrounds, and in different life stages, professions and industries. A certified Psycho-Geometrics trainer, Pat is further positioned to facilitate effective communication strategies that appeal to a variety of learning styles.

Pat McGill